October 28, 2019

Shopping for a Business Loan Stinks!

A real-estate investor in Palm Beach, FL was shopping for a business loan. His bank said no. He was devastated that his bank that has been dealing with for years had no interest in helping him. Not taking no for an answer he went on the internet and found TibBlit.com. With TibBlit.com […]
October 24, 2019

Knowledge is Power

A business owner in Clearwater, FL needed $150,000 for Working Capital. Before talking to his bank he wanted to find out what’s the going pricing from other lenders in the marketplace. In a matter of minutes, with TibBlit.com he found the following 3 loan options. A 1 year line of credit with […]
October 23, 2019

Lots of Loan Options.

A business owner needed approximately $300,000 to refinance some outstanding loans. They were located in St Cloud, FL. Her current lender passed on the loan. At TibBlit.com she found a couple of banks prepared to help her out. Her favorite terms were all SBA financing. Proposed loan terms were a 10-year term […]
October 22, 2019

TibBlit.com Offers Lots of Loan Options

A company was looking to buy some new equipment that would run around $300,000 located in Pinellas County, FL. They were looking for 90% financing. When their bank passed on the loan they visited TibBlit.com. In around 10 minutes they found out that although there were no traditional lenders interested, there was […]