October 21, 2019

Business Scores Amazing Loan Terms

A business owner was looking for $6 million to purchase some commercial real estate for his business. He decided to search TiBblit.com to see what loan options he could qualify for.  The top 3 lenders he selected to talk to were… Traditional loan that is 20-yr term loan. Interest rate of 3.95% […]
October 18, 2019

St Augustine Business Owner Finds Great Lenders

A business owner from St. Augustine, FL was looking for a working capital loan of $120,000. He had been denied by a bank and the loan officer at the bank referred him to TiBblit.com.   Through TibBlit.com he found the following 3 matches A 10-yr term loan locked at an interest rate of […]
October 17, 2019

Grow Your Business with a Working Capital Loan

A transportation company in Miami-Dade County was searching for a working capital loan of $400,000 to grow their business. Their current bank passed on the loan and they were referred to TibBlit.com. At TibBlit.com they found an interested lender that offered a 10-year term loan 7.75% adjustable rate. Estimated monthly pymts $4,801. […]
October 16, 2019

Grocery Store Wantaprenuer Finds a Sweet Plumb

An entrepreneur in Lee County, FL came upon the opportunity to purchase  a grocery store in his area. The price was great but his bank passed on providing the needed financing. He knew that he would have to do some searching and he found us online. TiBblit.com instantly found him the following […]