October 12, 2015
business loan Treasure Coast

6 secrets to negotiating the best deal on your commercial loan

6 secrets to negotiating the best deal on your commercial loan. (Part 1 of 3)     Negotiating with most lenders on your business loan is possible if you do it right. Not negotiating can be expensive. As an example a business that accepts a loan that is 1% higher than they otherwise […]
October 4, 2015

Does size matter? How the size of your bank could effect your chances of getting your business loan approved.

Does Size Matter? In a recent study conducted by the Federal Reserve Bank, when it comes to getting your business loan approved, the size of the bank can make a difference. This annual survey is a great snapshot of what is happening with businesses located largely in the southeastern and northeastern part of […]
September 7, 2015

Want an SBA loan? Step one talk to your landlord.

Before you spend time talking to Bankers and other lenders about the possibility of an SBA loan it makes a lot of sense to talk to your landlord first. Why? Just about SBA lender is going to want your landlord to sign 2 important documents. Assignment of Lease with a term including renewal […]
July 9, 2015
Reliable Towing Big Truck

Another Local Business Gets Financing!

We are excited about another local entrepreneur who secured financing through The B.A. Fund. When it was time for the well-known and respected company Reliable Towing to secure financing to consolidate ownership of their business, they had success though a connection made by The B.A. Fund. Reliable Towing, has a 24 hour […]