St Augustine Business Owner Finds Great Lenders
October 18, 2019 Offers Lots of Loan Options
October 22, 2019
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Business Scores Amazing Loan Terms

A business owner was looking for $6 million to purchase some commercial real estate for his business. He decided to search to see what loan options he could qualify for. 

The top 3 lenders he selected to talk to were…

  1. Traditional loan that is 20-yr term loan. Interest rate of 3.95% which is locked for 5 years. Estimated monthly payments at $36,200..
  2. Traditional loan that is a 10-yr.  Interest rate of 3.8% is locked for 5 years. Estimated monthly payments $35,729.
  3. An SBA 504 loan which is a 25-year term loan, with an interest rate below 5% which is locked for 10 years, and the remaining rate was locked for 25 years. The estimated monthly payments were $31,607

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