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August 20, 2018
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South Florida Nursing School Stepping Up to Meet Demand

Although the United States is in the middle of a nursing shortage, nursing schools are rejecting thousands of qualified applicants. The problem according to a recent CNN/Money article is that there is a lack of training capacity to meet the number of students who want to enter a Nursing school program.

BrightMed Health Institute located in Broward County, Florida is one local Nursing school stepping up to meet this demand.

With its recent acquisition of 2750 – 2790 N University Drive in Hollywood, FL they hope to double their enrollment at this future campus.

Future campus for BrightMed Health Institute.

Growing a business is always a challenge, and for BrightMed Health Institute it’s no different. Their most recent challenge was how to acquire the needed financing to purchase the property for their future campus. Their first stop for financing was to reach out to their own Bank who declined the loan. They asked other banks in the area, but they also passed on financing their loan request.

Through a business associate they heard about us and reached out to The Best Business Loans in Town.  With their help we were able to put together a detailed loan package that highlighted how great the school was and how great of a loan opportunity this would be for a lender. With a lot of hard work we found the perfect lender and BrightMed Health Institute was able to get the needed financing.

BrightMed Health Institute is a medical school that trains students to enter the field of medicine and receive certifications as a Registered Nurse, Licensed Practical Nurse, Nursing Assistant, or home Health Care Assistant. The school is currently located at 5909 S University Dr, Davie, FL.

Brightmed Health Institute’s mission is to educate nursing and home health aide students through excellence in teaching, scholarship, service, and community engagement. Emphasis is placed on educating individuals to improve health outcomes and quality of life in diverse populations.

At Brightmed Health Institute, they want their home health and nursing programs to help the students acquire the relevant job knowledge and experience to enter this rewarding field. Through group discussions, lectures, innovative teaching methods, and hands-on laboratory training they have a chance to develop the skills that could help them stand out in the job market and make a difference in patients’ lives.

The Brightmed Health Institute believes that nursing occupies a unique and privileged position of influence and trust, in efforts to improve human health. Their core values are:  scholarship, leadership, and social responsibility provide them with the foundation to shape the future of caring and health. Faculty, students, and staff are collaborative partners in this effort. Their uniqueness and diversity enable the creation of a dynamic and creative learning environment that fosters professional development of integrity, commitment, and respect.