Grow Your Business with a Working Capital Loan
October 17, 2019
Business Scores Amazing Loan Terms
October 21, 2019
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St Augustine Business Owner Finds Great Lenders

A business owner from St. Augustine, FL was looking for a working capital loan of $120,000. He had been denied by a bank and the loan officer at the bank referred him to  

Through he found the following 3 matches

  1. A 10-yr term loan locked at an interest rate of 7.25% with an adjustable rate. The Estimated monthly payments are $1,409.
  2. Another 10-yr term loan with an interest rate of 7.75% at no locked rate. The monthly payments are estimated to be $1,441.
  3. The last 10-yr term loan has an interest rate of 9.25% not locked at monthly payments estimated around $1,537.

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