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March 16, 2017
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The Little Old Lady from Del-Ray-A

Loan Success – The Little Old Lady from Del-Ray-A

We recently helped a 94 year old Client who owns a 6 unit residential property in Delray Beach (North of Kokomo). She wanted to refinance a small loan balance of $150,000 and was having a hard time finding an interested lender.

She was worried about an Endless Summer of possible rising interest rates on her current variable rate loan. She thought Wouldn’t it Be Nice if she could refinance into a fixed rate loan.  After a couple of declines she thought God Only Knows if she could find an interested lender.

I Get Around and was told of her worries by her niece. Funny enough they are both California Girls.  I had some Good Vibrations that perhaps a small community bank might be interested and sure enough we Catched a Wave and found her a great deal.

Our Client is now having Fun, Fun, Fun with a great fixed rate loan.

The above success story was provided by The Best Business Loans in Town which is an online shopping tool that helps business owners find the best deals on business loans.