Advisors, your clients depend on you and you deliver. You are known for your integrity, objectivity, competence, fairness, confidentially, professionalism and diligence.

At we are a mission-based company designed to help you answer one simple question for your clients, “I need a business loan, what are my options?”

To answer this question, your steps with are simple.

  1. Complete a 10-15-minute general questionnaire.
  2. Instantly see if there are any matched lenders and what’s their best-case pricing.
  3. Select your top three lenders and be put in contact with them.

We can help answer this question by following our core beliefs of …

  • Be transparent. Provide data on lenders who offer our users the best deals and treats them right. It doesn’t matter if the lenders compensate us.  
  • Use technology and automation to make the loan shopping process fast, easy and free.
  • Provide a user experience that’s fantastic.

To see for yourself how the process works, please visit our main page and try out a couple of loan scenarios. If you do plug in some scenarios, please put your name down as “Advisor” so your info is not mistakenly sent to any matched lenders you might have selected. 

Help make us stronger. If you know of any great loan sources that you can recommend, please let us know. With your help we can add them to our list of high-quality funding sources and strengthen the value that our service can provide to your clients.

Any feedback would be appreciated.
John Patterson CFP®