Isn't the pricing about the same for every lender?

Although you would think so, the pricing on the same exact deal can vary greatly depending on what lender you are working with. It pays to shop!

How many lenders will contact me?

Only lenders that you select from the list of interested lenders will contact you and you may select up to three lenders that you feel are the best matches for your business’s needs.

Where do you get your information?

Most lenders report their information directly to us. Since we are always working on commercial loans, daily contact with local lenders is routine.  This routine contact with different vendors allows us to have a very good pulse on what’s going on in our lending community.

Are most of your Lenders from local Banks?

Absolutely. We make a concentrated effort to focus on working with Banks that have a presence in Florida. The reason we focus local is simple – In general, banks with a local presence will give you a better deal.

Is this service free?


How long does it take for a Lender to contact me?

Lenders have been asked to reach out to borrowers within 2 business days. If you have not been contacted by that time please let us know.

What about my privacy and security?

We take the security of your data very seriously. No information is shared with Lenders unless you agree. Our site contains the latest bank-level encryption to keep your data safe. To learn more, please see our Privacy Policy.