A fast, easy, and free way to get good quality leads.

person-apple-laptop-notebookOne of the main goals of our company is to send you strong, local, and qualified commercial loans. It is our hope that we can partner together to help businesses in our community prosper.

Although we know that no bank is the lowest priced lender on all deals, we know that most banks are extremely competitive in at least one or two areas of commercial lending.

In addition, time and time again we see instances of where a business owner goes with an out-of-area lender because they just didn’t know that a local Bank likes their particular niche market and could have offered them better pricing.

By working together we can refer local business owners who need to be matched up to you.

If you are looking to reach out a little further, expand your boundaries, and think a little out of the box please let us know.

The process of partnering with us is pretty simple. Send us an email with your contact info at info@TibBlit.com. When approved you’ll have the needed password protected credentials to enter our website and complete a lender questionnaire that will enable you to set the parameters of what kinds of loans you like and possible pricing.

When a completed customer’s questionnaire matches a loan you are looking for and you are a top match for our customer, the customer will have the option of clicking “I want to talk to this lender”. If they click your bank you will receive an e-mail that will contain their contact information, a copy of their completed questionnaire and the possible terms that you provided.

Benefits of partnering with us include:

  1. Easy way to get good quality leads. You create a profile that includes information about your specific lending targets and possible best case pricing and then wait for potential borrowers to contact you. No junk leads.
  2. Motivated prospects. They like your pricing and they want to move forward on a loan.
  3. Only a limited number of lenders will get a particular loan lead. The system is designed not a spam out loan requests to multiple lenders. At most borrowers can only choose to see the identity and be contacted by three possible lenders.
  4. Great business development. You will get you access to qualified borrowers you otherwise wouldn’t have met.
  5. Local Businesses. We are only marketing and actively soliciting to businesses in your footprint.
  6. It’s FREE. There are no lender fees such as monthly subscription or lead fee. It’s a great marketing tool with no marketing cost.

What we ask from you in return is:

  1. Give us feedback on how the loan applicants we sent you are doing. Just like you are doing now with your favorite centers of influences.
  2. Take great care of the customers we send you. Please contact them with 48 hours.
  3. Help us in keeping your Bank’s loan info up to date.
  4. Keep us in mind when you run into business loan applications that you can’t fund.

Frequent Lender Questions

What does it cost a lender to participate in this?

Hard to believe but yes for Lenders there is no cost associated with this service.

Pricing could vary on a loan. Should I put “best case pricing”, “average pricing”, or something else on our questionnaire?

We notify applicants that the pricing that they will see is “best case pricing” and not guaranteed. Entering only “A+” quality pricing may however back-fire on you. We recommend you enter pricing that an average “A – B” quality type loan would qualify for. You will however be given the option to put in special pricing for business owners in the medical field (Doctors, Veterinarians, Dentist) that normally qualify for “A+” pricing.

Pricing on loan product can be very fluid and change often, how fast can I change the data?

Any changes you make are instantaneously updated in our system. If you just came out with a special rate on say equipment loans, you’ll have the ability to update the new pricing with a couple key strokes.

If you have any questions that were not covered here or would like to provide us with feedback to help make TibBlit better, please contact us.